September 2011
  Twelfth Edition
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Collaboration With ICD-10 Vendors
Selecting an ICD-10 vendor is a crucial decision for any organization. The below steps will help guide you in establishing a collaboration between your organization and an ICD-10 Vendor that will deliver a seamless and successful transition for your company.
To start with, an organization must first define their needs. Consider the following questions: Do you, as an organization, want help with process and workflow improvement or just assistance in upgrading systems? Do you have a plan for documentation improvement and education for your coders? Do you have a method to determine and analyze the financial impact for your company? Does it make sense to hire a qualified consultant or vendor to lead the transition for your teams?
Coding of Burn Injuries in ICD-10-CM
The impact that ICD-10 is going to create by its implementation is much greater than what is perceived by the majority of healthcare professionals. The assumption that a training of 15 days, or 4weeks will suffice is likely to prove dangerous.
Many coding scenarios that a seasoned coder responds to habitually on a daily basis, may create unnecessary chaos. Coding of burns is such a situation. Even though the basic definitions of the degrees of burn injuries will not change, there is a change in the axis of classification and laterality that can create difficulty if the coder is not properly trained and prepared for these changes.
ICD-10-CM burn and corrosion injury codes are classified by depth, extent and by the agent causing the burn injury. Classification based on the depth of the burn injury includes first degree (erythema), second degree (blistering), and third degree (full-thickness involvement). Burns and corrosions of the eye and adnexa and internal organs are classified by site not by the degree and extent.
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