May 2012
  Twentieth Edition
ICD-10 Coders Academy to launch ICD-10 Code Set Training
With HHS finally breaking the suspense over the ICD-10 implementation deadline, ICD-10 Coders Academy, in association with ICD-10 Connect LLC., will announce launch of a new ICD-10 online program focusing mainly on experienced medical coders and billers and is part of an initiative to expand the Academy's current online education offerings. As a pre-launch offer, this online training program is available exclusively to our members and subscribers at a price of $625 (regular price $700). This program is designed not only to be the most sought-after program for ICD-10 learning but also serve as the most cost-effective. This online training program was selected from among a half-a-dozen ideas suggested by ICD-10 trainers in response to an industry-wide push to meet the ICD-10 implementation deadline. Main features of this 60-hour online program are:
  • Learning modules consisting of ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and GEMs
  • Free ICD-10 coding manuals
  • Access to ICD10MadeEasy, comprehensive ICD-10 coding tool
  • Free one year membership to ICD-10 Coders Academy
  • Over 100 dual coded medical records for practicing
  • Completion certificate upon successfully completing the program
Please call Ashley at 970-507-7094 or email ashley@icd10codersacademy.com to avail of this offer.
ICD-10 Delay is Not Justified in Favor of All
Announcement of ICD-10 implementation delay may be a sigh of relief for some but it also has created a sense of disappointment among others. Since the delay was not in favor of all the stake holders, only some entities are going to benefit from it.
Those who were already prepared and well in advance to touch the implementation date comfortably are going to have tough time to keep them tackling with the time and retain with what already learnt. Some of them may also have to go for re-training also since mind doesn't have a perfect memory like the electronic one. Some projections are already in place that re-training may cost around $5000 - $6000 per head.
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Arthroscopy procedures in ICD-10-PCS
ICD-10-PCS will affect majority of healthcare providers by different ways. Some may get affected to the extent of complying documentation requirements only whereas others may get affected for their reimbursement. Learning is required for majority of the healthcare providers. Even providers who are involved with inpatient care but bill to health plans on CMS 1500 on which ICD-10-PCS codes are not required also need training since their inpatient documentation need to be ICD-10-PCS consistent. On occasions HIM or coding people may ask about a procedure directly with the provider to clarify their doubts related to the procedure or the code to be assigned. The physician should have the knowledge of the system so that his timely guidance will assist in hassle free reimbursement.
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