June 2011
  Ninth Edition
Free ICD-10 Online Training Offer for Certified Medical Coders and Billers
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Important Note: ICD-10 Insight will henceforth be published once monthly and NOT twice-a-month as before.
Impact of ICD-10 on Providers Business Operation
The implementation of ICD-10 brings an exiting challenge; the impact will be disruptive in the short term, but positive over the longer term. Some see it as an obstacle but it really is an opportunity to enhance our skills and knowledge. It will promote greater efficiencies in care documentation and claim processing. ICD-10 Implementation is more than just learning new code set; it will impact the overall operation. [...]
Coding of Coma in ICD-10-CM
ICD-10 Challenge: In the coming environment of ICD-10, coders working with neurologists (physicians/surgeons) may need to have difficult task while fulfilling coma coding requirements. They should have clear documentation of Glasgow coma scale activity scores, along with the information about the place where the scoring is done. Since this may not be possible without educating the physician and other support staff associated with patient care. A timely advanced planning of awareness of ICD-10 requirements and preparedness should be taken as a challenge with the coders, physicians and all other staff who directly or indirectly involve with patient care or healthcare claims processing.
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