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January 2011
  First Edition
ICD-10 Coders Academy, headquartered in Orlando, Fl., was promoted by a group of enterprising healthcare professionals who collectively have more than 50 years of experience in US healthcare businesses, particularly in revenue cycle management and training. The Academy was founded with an intention to enable organizations and individuals to face the challenges created by the necessity of implementing ICD-10 and now boasts of a strong advisory board comprising of qualified professionals from the US healthcare and US healthcare IT industry who form the foundation.
ICD-10 Coders Academy is proud to announce the launch of ICD-10 Insight, its twice monthly newsletter that will provide insight about the ICD-10 Implementation, HIPAA 5010, and ICD-10 Coding and Documentation Guidelines..
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For those who came in just now….
ICD-10 implementation: What now?
The department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has mandated the replacement of the ICD-9-CM code sets medical coders and billers in the United States use now to report healthcare diagnoses and procedures with ICD-10 code sets, effective October 1, 2013. Incorporation of ICD-10 codes is the biggest change in standard healthcare coding systems in decades which will not only drastically increase but also change the structure of the codes that providers and payers have been using for the past three decades [...]
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HIV Coding Under ICD-10
I.C.1.a.1. HIV Infections - Code only confirmed cases
Note that this is an exception to the hospital inpatient guidelines Section II.H.
This guideline instructs us to code only confirmed cases of HIV infection/illness. The guideline does not require documentation of a positive serology or culture for HIV within the encounter. However, a provider’s diagnostic statement is needed as confirmation.
"Confirmation" does not require documentation of positive serology or culture for HIV; the physician's diagnostic statement that the patient is HIV positive, or has an HIV-related illness is sufficient
Example: Diagnostic statements may include that the patient is HIV positive (with documented symptoms), or the patient has an HIV-related illness, or AIDS, or ARC.
ICD-10 Coders Academy has tied-up with Avant Healthcare Professionals for a new marketing partnership that will help drive Brand awareness for both companies and assist the healthcare community with ICD-10 implementation.
Avant Healthcare Professionals is the premier specialist for internationally educated Nursing, Allied Health, and Healthcare IT professionals. Avant is a staffing partner with Clients throughout the US. Founded by nurses and healthcare professionals, Avant has a unique understanding and appreciation for the tough choices facing healthcare leaders challenged with balancing patient care and return on investment in the current economic climate.
Reports Spell Out EHR, ICD-10 Goals for Social Security Administration
The Social Security Administration is attempting to process 90% of transactions electronically in the next few decades, according to a recent report released by the SSA Future Systems Technology Advisory Panel, Federal Computer Week reports.
To achieve this goal, the report says that hospitals would need to record individual births and related information in an electronic health record that would be maintained by SSA. As adults, individuals would be able to access the EHR for issues related to employment, disability claims, marital status and other information. SSA also could use the system to communicate with Medicare and private health care providers to obtain medical information.
The system is based on the Nationwide Health Information Network.
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