February 2011
  Third Edition
The transition to ICD-10 in America is expected to improve the data quality of healthcare information and bring the United States in sync with other countries that are using ICD-10 for their medical diagnosis coding systems.
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ICD-10 Transition Prep: Start now!!!
The clock has started to tick with CMS finally freezing the deadline for with absolutely no chance of any further delay. Preparation, not chance, determines successful transition to ICD-10. Preparation should start in the right earnest, so that adequate compliance is met for established deadlines. Read through this to get a better understanding of how and what needs to be done to meet the CMS’ ICD-10 deadline. [...]
Billing and coding will undergo a significant impact with ICD-10-CM implementation. Every area in the Revenue cycle will be impacted. Documentation is of utmost importance. Selection of appropriate code depends up on the documentation.
With the increase in the number of codes as well as the modifications and revisions, ICD-10-CM constitutes more coding specificity. Improved documentation will result in higher coding specificity, and, therefore, higher data quality.
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