August 2011
  Eleventh Edition
New Training Offering By ICD-10 Coders Academy
As the ICD-10 implementation deadline is closing on, we at ICD-10 Coders Academy (ICA) are continually adding more training offerings to our bouquet. We have now tied up with Elsevier Health, a leading provider of learning and research solutions for the healthcare industry, to deliver a unique online ICD-10 training program “Elsevier CEU ICD-10 Value Pack” aimed at preparing medical coding professionals for Certified ICD-10 Analyst® and Certified ICD-10 Consultant® Exams sponsored by us. The program available exclusively through ICD-10 Coders Academy and delivered through Elsevier’s learning platform, Evolve Learning System, would provide ICD-10 coding training for medical coding professionals for the imminent transition to ICD-10 but also accords them Membership privileges of ICD-10 Coders Academy and a chance to get certified through any of the certification exams sponsored by ICD-10 Coders Academy. Elsevier books and standalone ICD-10 training products would also be available through this partnership.
Elsevier ICD-10 CEU Value Pack consists of:
  • Elsevier’s ICD-10-CM Online Training Modules
  • Elsevier’s ICD-10-PCS Online Training Modules
  • ICD-10 Coders Academy Membership (one year)
  • Certification Exam sponsored by ICD-10 Coders Academy
Certified Coders will enjoy additional benefit of CEUs from the Elsevier Training Modules included in this program.
You could enroll for this program by clicking here or calling Michelle @ 970-903-2197 or emailing
Provider Reimbursement Impact
As healthcare entities move toward compliance with the Federal ICD-10 mandate by Oct, 2013, will be required to use ICD-10 code sets for transactions which will help to streamline Medicare payments but at the same time will face a significant challenge as all the reimbursement based on ICD-9 will be directly impacted by ICD-10 implementation.
Coding of Hemorrhoidectomy Procedures in ICD-10-PCS
Hemorrhoids are enlarged or dilated veins located in and around the rectum and anus. A precise definition of hemorrhoids does not exist, but they can be described as masses or clumps of tissue within the anal canal that contain blood vessels and the surrounding, supporting tissue made up of muscle and elastic fibers.
Although most people think hemorrhoids are abnormal, they are present in everyone. It is only when the hemorrhoidal cushions enlarge that hemorrhoids can cause problems and be considered abnormal or a disease.
Coding of hemorrhoidectomy surgeries would have a difficult task ahead if documentation issues are not taken seriously during the ICD-10 preparation and planning. The terminology used in ICD-10-CM procedures for which physicians and coders are habituated is not going to give any support in coding for ICD-10-PCS.
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