April 2012
  Nineteenth Edition
ICD-10 Coders Academy to launch ICD-10 Code Set Training
With HHS finally breaking the suspense over the ICD-10 implementation deadline, ICD-10 Coders Academy, in association with ICD-10 Connect LLC., will announce launch of a new ICD-10 online program focusing mainly on experienced medical coders and billers and is part of an initiative to expand the Academy's current online education offerings. As a pre-launch offer, this online training program is available exclusively to our members and subscribers at a price of $625 (regular price $700). This program is designed not only to be the most sought-after program for ICD-10 learning but also serve as the most cost-effective.
This online training program was selected from among a half-a-dozen ideas suggested by ICD-10 trainers in response to an industry-wide push to meet the ICD-10 implementation deadline.
Main features of this 60-hour online program are:
  • Learning modules consisting of ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and GEMs
  • Free ICD-10 coding manuals
  • Access to ICD10MadeEasy, comprehensive ICD-10 coding tool
  • Free one year membership to ICD-10 Coders Academy
  • Over 100 dual coded medical records for practicing
  • Completion certificate upon successfully completing the program
Please call Ashley at 970-507-7094 or email ashley@icd10codersacademy.com to avail of this offer.
HHS Proposes 1-Year Delay In ICD-10 Compliance Deadline
Announcement by Kathleen Sebelius HHS Secretary of the new ICD-10 compliance deadline of Oct 1, 2014 has stifled the speculation of the new ICD-10 implementation date. With definite implementation timeline now we can plan more effectively with clear goals to achieve.
For payers who are already working on the plan with 2013 deadline it's time for them to strengthen their efforts and bridge all the gaps to build a strong foundation & for those who are behind the or not yet initiated it is not the time to procrastinate but to start the change process now. The proposed delay brings a chance to evaluate the flow of the information across the organization and develop a robust plan for process, documentation & technology improvement.
Coding of Fractures in ICD-10-PCS
Coding of fractures in ICD-10-PCS is very much different from the existing procedure coding system i.e., ICD-9-Volume 3. Fracture or dislocation treatments are coded to root operation reposition in ICD-10-PCS. Every document of displaced fracture or dislocation treatment will describe the treatment procedure as reduction. But reduction is not a root operation in ICD-10-PCS instead reposition is the root operation to which treatments of displaced fractures or dislocations should be coded.
According to ICD-10-PCS guidelines "Many of the terms used to construct PCS codes are defined within the system. It is the coder's responsibility to determine what the documentation in the medical record equates to in the PCS definitions. The physician is not expected to use the terms used in PCS."
So, the coder's responsibility here is that he needs to have the complete knowledge and perfect understanding of the correct root operation to be selected and assign the most appropriate code to the procedure performed. Procedure coding errors may impact the DRG assignment and so the reimbursement and other consequences such as fraud/abuse, unreliable data for research, education or administration purposes, etc.
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